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How Well Do YOU Know LOTR?
You're a LOTR fanatic. You know almost everything there is to know. Go you! ^^ You should message me. 

I'm 55.1872% obsessed. How obsessed are you?
The Ringer Obsession Test

I'm a Hobbit!

Though technically not your own race, you represent what's most enjoyable and best in the Lord of the Rings world. Your love, spirit and selflessness are unsurpassed among your Middle Earth brethren.

Which Lord of the Rings race are you?

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Which Lord of the Rings Guy is For You?
For 40 % you are: Your true love is Faramir, the ranger of Gondor. Kind and thoughtful, he would always be with you to keep your hopes up and put a smile on your face!
24.0642 % of 374 Quiz participants had this profile!

You could also get this result:
For 20 % you are: Your true love is Eomer, Prince of Rohan! He would stick to you like glue, defending you so no harm can come to you!

Or even this one:
For 20 % you are: Your true love is Frodo, that irresistible cute hobbit! Tingles run up every girl's spine when he smiles and blinks those lovely blue eyes, and he would always be a dear to you, protecting you whatever the consequences.

Or even this one:
For 10 % you are: Your true love is Aragorn, the manly hero of Gondor! He would do everything in his power to keep the world, and you, safe, even if it means going to his death. How lucky are you!

Or even this one:
For 10 % you are: Your true love is Legolas, the beautiful elf prince! He is always showing off his fighting skills to impress you and it's no surprise many people are attracted!

Take this quiz: Which Lord of the Rings Guy is For You?

I'm Peregrin 'Pippin' Took!

Troublemaking and scheming, cheerful and curious, you're Peregrin Took, more often known as Pippin!

"But the dear silly old hobbit, he ought to know that he hasn't got to ask. He ought to know that if we can't stop him, we shan't leave him."

Which hobbit in the fellowship of the Ring are you?
You are Frodo 

Frodo Baggins was the Ring Bearer of the Fellowship, having inherited the Ring from his uncle Bilbo.
Find out which member of the Fellowship of the Ring you are most like! 

  DIE-HARD FAN!!!! You know that story like no ones business! 
Which Lord of the Rings actor is your best match (only for girls)?

You cant get past Elijah Wood. The Hobbit sized hottie from the US of A is a heartthrob and will keep you entertained anyday! (Frodo)
Who is your dream LotR guy? 

You like Frodo. You're into big-eyed, whiny little freaks. You like them young and angsty. :P  
LOTR - Where in Middle-earth would you go on vacation? 

The Shire is the perfect place for you to take a vacation. This is a peaceful place where you can just sit back with a pipe and a pint and take things easy. The people are a friendly sort (just as long as you dont go making trouble) and the food is great. 
Which LOTR Character is Your Most Compatible Friend? 
Your compatible friend from Lotr is Samwise! He is the most reliable, trustworthy, and LOYAL friend one could ever have of any race. He might not be in the best physical shape to rescue you from danger, but he will be behind you all the way no matter what. 
Which LotR Elf Are You Most Like?

You're most like Arwen, Lady of Rivendell. Arwen follows in the footsteps of her ancestor, Luthien, as she possesses the same dark beauty that is rare among the Elves. Unlike Luthien, however, she prefers to support her beloved from afar, although her love for Aragorn is no less than that of Luthien's for Beren. She is strong enough to make the decision to forsake her immortality, the greatest deed she could perform for Aragorn's sake. 
What Lord of the Rings Hero are You?

Do you belong in: Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Pirates of the Caribbean?

You, mellon nin, belong in Lord of the Rings. You tend to the heroic, and would die for king and country. 
Which Tolkien lady are you?

EOWYN. You are a warrior princess extrodinare and very lucky. You may lose your uncle but you get the best man possible in Faramir and you live happily ever after. After killing the Witch King, you deserve it. 
Which Lord of the Rings Character's Eyes do you have? 

You have Dominic eyes! Your just a plain old actor. You recognize that it's just a movie and you really don't care all that much about your eyes anyway... even if they are adorable. 
Who is you Dream Lord of the Rings Date With nice pictures for all you girls!

Your date is Frodo. He isn't forgetting about you, it's just the ring. He will make it all up to you after he destroys it, he promises! Also he's cute, so what more is there to ask for? If he puts that much effort into your romance as he did destroying the Ring, well then, what else can I say except: you lucky, lucky girl! And he's got those eyes.... 

What LOTR cast remember are you most like? 
#1 Elijah Wood (yes!)
#2 Billy Boyd
#3 Dom Monaghan
#4 Sean Astin 
#5 Peter Jackson 

Are You a True Blue Lord of the Rings Fanatic? 
 You're as obsessed as me! Congratulations! I'd write more, but I'm off to read my daily reading of LOTR... 

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