Friday, August 23, 2013

Land Focus: The Barrow Downs

Not a very nice place to be.

So...what exactly is this place like? After reading The Lord of the Rings, I had in my mind a very spooky place with cliffs all around with caves in them - and in these caves, wraith-like creatures roam around.

The hobbits in the Barrow Downs
I started playing The Lord of the Rings Online a month or two ago (it is the most awesome game on this planet, just for your information) - and I saw that here the Barrow Downs covered a pretty big area, and a lot of it is outside. There are spooky caves in it (different barrows, precisely), but a lot of that area sees the sun. So I thought - is this really the Barrow Downs Tolkien imagined? So I decided to do a little research.

Frodo and a wraith

First search at The Barrow-Downs (how perfect, no?) revealed this. It is a hilly, treeless region between The Old Forest (which we all know is beside Buckland) and Chetwood (which I learned is just under Bree - from LOTRO, if you must know). The area contains many barrows, or burial mounds, which were built by the forefathers of the Edain in the First Age. The Dunedain later used these as burial places. Cut to the Third Age, these barrows were still being used with the same purpose until a plague came, taking the people living around here at the time. That's when spirits from places such as Angmar moved in. (Oh, honey, what a wonderful new home! I don't even miss our honeymoon anymore!) Then, by the late Third Age, the Barrow Downs appeared as green mounds with stone rings on top.

Very nice'll want to see it bigger here.
I guess LOTRO is right then....which it should be. ;) For more information, you can read up all about the Barrow Downs on the One Wiki to Rule Them All. Do check it out, and...

Please COMMENT with what posts you would like to see in the future. A certain area you want me to cover? A certain character? A certain excerpt? Any questions about Tolkien or his land of Middle Earth? I'd be happy to answer any questions IN depth. :)

Until then...namare!

- Alyianna Biggins (my name in LOTRO - I play in Crickhollow, so check me out! Just tell me you came from here.)

A fellowship in the Barrow Downs on LOTRO.

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