Thursday, July 18, 2013

What to Write?

I think my friends who know me well-ish might be surprised if they are/were reading this post. Yes, the Alyianna of Many Words - she has nothing to say now.

Well, that's not entirely true. Rather, I have many images circling around in my mind, but none want to settle down for long enough so that I can write upon it.

I know I promised you all that I was going to change this blog and stop posting all this newsy stuff, even though none of you have ever complained that you did not like the news - in fact, the opposite. Many of you may be wondering - WHY? The reason - I've felt guilty for a long time posting news straight from and putting it on here. It's like I'm stealing all those ideas! So I am re-doing everything and starting to post using my own creativity.

But first I have to start.

Tolkien's world of Middle Earth has been a part of my life for a long time now - in fact, ever since I first read The Hobbit and then The Lord of the Rings when I was nine. I instantly fell in love with the books - and with the movies when I first watched them when I was thirteen. You may say that I'm a little bit of nerd, and I know...well...some stuff, enough to answer questions, enough to be entirely and totally in love with a world that some people think is just the stuff of fantasy...but I'm not entirely so sure. ;)

These are the things circling around in my head.

Frodo Baggins.

Ralph Bakshi's LOTR.

Christopher Lee's Saruman.

The jolliness of Tom Bombadil.

The things I hate that Peter Jackson changed.

Slashers who DARE put their filthy little paws on Frodo and Sam...or any of the other characters.

A LOTR picnic (how random - I've got to totally write that one up. I wonder if Saruman was invited or not.)

And I betcha all of these things and more will come down soon onto this blog.

As soon as they sit still.

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