Thursday, June 27, 2013

Changes, Changes, Changes

It's been awhile, I know, I know. School is over, so it means that I have more time, but also less time (I don't have much computer time during the summer). So now I am going to make an announcement - I am not going to post every news article all the time anymore. Why?

A. I simply don't have the time anymore....especially since I'm going to college in the fall.
B. The news articles all come from TORN anyway. One place. Many of you may already follow that amazing blog/website already.

So, I'll just post some things I think are neat from time to time. In place of the news, I hope to make more personal blog posts here - meaning things I actually write, not just copying and pasting.

So here is my last time posting pretty much everything that you need to get you back up to date on everything...enjoy. But before you start, you may want to enter this contest to win Orcrist.

Funny Stuff
A parody

Analytical Articles
Ten myths about LOTR
- Now that the DOS trailer is out, it's time to take out the thinking caps and magnifying glasses! Here's a post on what the TORN staffers learned from the trailer. Or how about a frame-by-frame analysis?
- The house that Bilbo built

Eight amazing new HD Hobbit stills!
An Unexpected Journey was given a rating. And in that rating, the review mentions "fleeting nudity". WHAT?! Okay, let's get this straight. I am one of those peoples who look for any little tiny bit of ANYTHING that might be inappropriate...and I did not see anything that could be even slightly considered as nudity. So I have NO idea what is being hinted at there. And I see other people are very confused about that, too.
- Is there going to be an extended edition for AUJ? Supposedly, there will be!
- The Empire's DOS edition!

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