Thursday, May 16, 2013

Smaug's Size, Events, and Ringers on iTunes!

Back to posting! If you follow my main blog, you will realize that I've been away for a while because I've been sick. :-/

I'm going to go backward with the news-y type posts, just because it's easier to go from the bottom up in my mailbox.

Analytical articles: Who's the main character of LOTR? Quickbeam believe it's not Frodo...

Pick-up filming has begun! And so, of course, has the speculation. Could we see Aragorn? Could this be Smaug? And how big is Smaug going to be? There has been a call up for more casting extras.

Stuff for fans: Missed the DOS sneak peak? TORN has the transcript for it! Here's a T-shirt for you.

People, places, and events: A conference...Smaug and Cumberbatch...the death of a wizard...the showing of Tolkien manuscripts...a fantasy exhibit

And, last, but not least - Ringers on iTunes!

Thank you all for your patience as I recuperate. :)
- Alyianna B.

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