Thursday, April 25, 2013

Nine Absurd Film Ideas, Amazing Opportunities, and More

I'm sorry it's been such a long time since the last news post. I'm very busy with school. :-/

First of all, there has been a DOS preview along with other WB movies. :) Oh, and remember that mountain that could have been named 'Tolkien Peak'? It hasn't worked out.

Who has a bigger brain - hobbits or humans? There is a real, scientific answer for this!

We all love J.W. Braun...right? What are our reasons? Well, for one, he wrote the amazing The Lord of the Films. Secondly, he wrote an article that just made my morning. Here are nine ridiculous Hobbit/LOTR film ideas that will make you laugh out loud.

Get some juicy tidbits on Azog from the actor who played this orc.

Then there's another awesome analytic article about Galadriel and the White Council.

Live in Canada and love Weta? Then you may love this opportunity to see Weta in the province of Alberta.

There's also some new Hobbit action figures coming our way. :)

If you live in the U.S., there's this amazing fantasy quiz show opportunity for YOU. Yes, you. Go check it out, you.

And last, not least, read all about Middle Earth and NZ being one.

Namare, elflings!

- Alyianna

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