Monday, March 18, 2013

Gilraen, An Amazing Graphic, & More!

Hello everyone! Sorry I've been away for the last few days - my weekend was spent in catching up with school. But never fear - I am almost caught up! *big grin* So now I am back to give you the latest Hobbit/LOTR news. There isn't much, though...

First of all, I've come across this really amazing and cool Hobbit graph, showing how all the characters in An Unexpected Journey are related to one another. I was VERY happy that they actually got the part about Frodo being Bilbo's COUSIN right. When people say Bilbo is Frodo's uncle, I get very annoyed, I can tell you. However, TORN did point out a mistake - Galadriel is not the oldest elf of Middle Earth! But even so, this graphic is pretty amazing. Check it out here.

The Bonhams of London are having a Tolkien auction, with items including autographed letters from Tolkien. Read about that over there.

Then there's article about Kiwis and Hobbit little brain doesn't quite get it all. It's probably too early in the morning for me. :P

Finally, we get another LOTR analytic article (my favourite thing!) This one is about Gilraen - and also mentions things P.J. changed about Aragorn.

Gilraen and Estel by AlasseaEarello

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