Monday, March 11, 2013

Dwarves Upon Dwarves (The Post Isn't Actually About Dwarves)

Here I, Alyianna, daughter of my father am, all ready to present you with the latest  Hobbit news. Just to make you all aware, my email program had some problems and I was informed that I missed some emails from TORN - so this post will obviously not have everything. To make up for that, I will decorate this post with pictures of the dwarves. :)

First of all, I've heard about a sneak peek for The Desolation of Smaug that will be hosted by Peter Jackson on March 25.

Talking about teasers - ooh! Ooh! You'll want to see all these teasers on TORN for the release of An Unexpected Journey on Blu-Ray!

Going back (if you remember) to all those intereviews in my last post, here is a video interview with Sylvester McCoy. I also came across an interview with Neil Finn.

Live in Australia and feel left out with all of the Hobbit stuff in the U.S.? Some of the cast of The Hobbit are coming your way!

The One Expected is still not off the news. Here's a video about it from a radio show, if you are interested.

Before I get onto a nomination, here's a behind-the-scenes article for those of you interested in technology.

So what's this nomination all about? LOTR Lego...and you can help it win by voting!

Hey - hey - why didn't I include Thorin, the big guy, the important guy, in my dwarf pictures. Fine, oh he is. (Pretend I didn't interrupt myself there.)

One last thing - J.W. did another review of a book that is Hobbit related. When you check that out, be sure to scroll down to read about Peter Jackson's cameo in The Hobbit! Can any of you tell me which one is Peter Jackson? I'm not sure whether he's the dwarf at the beginning running away, or the dwarf that slips and falls...

And that is it for the Hobbit news that I have! Until next time ---

- Alyianna

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