Tuesday, March 19, 2013

(Chatting) and Middle Earth Madness Is Back!

Hello my fellow Tolkienites!

Today, I'll just jump right in and get to the news without blabbing on about excuses of why I don't post more often - because I don't have to since I just posted yesterday. ;)

First, we've got different chats with Hobbit cast members. Here's one with Richard Armitage. Andy Serkis tells us who he'd be locked in a room with - Gollum or Smeagol. Martin Freeman chats with TORN staff about his characters as Bilbo (this one isn't a video). Finally, James Nesbitt (aka Bofur) delights over having an action figure of himself.

MIDDLE-EARTH MARCH MADNESS IS BACK! I hope you all remember this cool voting thing from last year - because I certainly did. Sam won last year...who shall win this year? Round One starts today - go and vote now! There are definitely some interesting choices. You have no sense of humour if you don't laugh when you see who Elrond is up against...I actually voted for this mysterious...person? Thing? *chuckles heartily* I actually had trouble deciding who to vote for - Denethor or the One Ring. :P Who will get more votes - Dwalin or Bert the Troll? Happy voting!

- Alyianna

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