Thursday, February 28, 2013

LOTS of News!

Hello, hello is Alyianna with the latest Middle-Earth news. My mailbox is close to getting swamped with news from, so I hope you're happy. ;)

Back to the One Expected Party, which I also mentioned yesterday in my Oscar post. TORN's got some pictures of Billy Boyd's band, Beecake, performing at the party.

Speaking about the Oscars...well, The Hobbit didn't get any, but it did snag an award from NME. What type of award? Go see.

The government of NZ released some emails about the production of The Hobbit, which may clear up some things about its production. If you had your doubts, go to this link.

Then we've got more Hobbit merchandise out there, such as a Radagast action figure.

What else? Ah, well, if you're living in Pennsylvania, you're going to love this one. Pennsylvania Youth Theatre is going to have a production of The Hobbit. Better check that one out. ;)

You might also want to know that there are some pretty cool deals at the Warner Brothers shop. :)

An Unexpected Journey may hit the $1 billion mark thanks to China. Now, news sites that reviewed The Hobbit negatively....who's getting the last laugh? Peter Jackson - or you? I think it's obvious. ;)

*shocked gasp* Hobbiton may shrivel in the heat of NZ. I'm thinking, "Oh no!" here...I hope you are, too.

Finally, you can go to this link to find out what happened in Middle Earth on this day. Why am I going to make you go to the link instead of just posting it here? Because then you wouldn't get all the awesomeness over there. ;)


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