Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A Party, A Review, and A Defense

Hello, my lovelies! (And male followers, since I have a feeling they won't appreciate being called lovelies. :P) What's new in the Hobbit news world? Ah...well, I am here to tell you!

For all of you who weren't at the One Expected Party in LA (I wasn't, either), here are some photos of Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan, who dropped by, entertaining the guests. Here are some more photos from the party (no, it's not just three pictures - click on each one to get to a photo album...yes, that counts from the Billy-and-Dom photo).

I also came across this really nice review of The Hobbit (next to my own...just kidding). Go read it over there (they're a few blocks down from this blog...at least, in my imagination).

There are some new Hobbit items out there on the web, including the Sword of Fili and a statue of Bombur.

And to finish off, here is another great mini-essay from Heirs of Durin - In Defense of Thorin.

Until next time,
- Alyianna :)

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