Monday, February 11, 2013

A New Way of Posting News

Hello, this Alyianna with your daily (supposedly) news. After scouring the web for some amazingly awesome Hobbit tidbits, I am ready to astound you.

First of all, has come out with some really nice looking fan DVD covers for The Hobbit. For example, this one.

You may not have heard, but is hosting An Unexpected Art Show with its One Expected Party to celebrate The Hobbit and Oscars (yes, there will be at least one Oscar to celebrate - more about that later to make you stay that long :P). This party will be in L.A., and is sponsored by The Noble Collection. There will be over thirty artists showing off their work, for example, Jay Johnstone. Isn't his work just gorgeous?

Vanity Fair is a series that looks at the creative process of making movies. This week, they are looking at Oscar nominated films (such as The Hobbit). You can read more about it at Vanity Fair's website.


Yes, The Hobbit has gained one Oscar Nomination - for technology! You can read all about it at

Remember that article about "the hot dwarves"? Hopefully you do...because here is another excellent article from Heirs of Durin about appreciating the "not-so-hot" dwarves - Dori, Nori, and Ori.

There are many more excellent articles at Heirs of Durin, so make sure to check them out!

Well, that's it for today's Hobbit news. Did you like this new way of me posting news - making it almost like a news video instead of just posting links? This definitely takes me more time, so I am only going to continue posting this way if I get some approval or comments from all of you, so please post a comment on your thoughts about this new way of posting news in the comment section below!

Signing out...namare! See you next time!

- Alyianna


James The Movie Reviewer said...

I really like the new way of posting! It is a lot more entertaining than just going to links, please keep it up. :) Can't wait for the Hobbit Blu-Ray, but I might wait until the Extended Edition later next year. Also I was very disappointed by the lack of Oscar nomination the Hobbit received....


James The Movie Reviewer said...


James The Movie Reviewer said...

Sorry about the blank comment, that was an accident.


Alyianna said...

Thank you, James. That's what I thought. ;)