Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tolkien letter and more!

A Hobbit is Chubby, But Is He Padded?

Tolkien letter reveals poor sales of The Hobbit

A letter from JRR Tolkien to Swallows and Amazons writer Arthur Ransome has revealed the author’s concerns about sales of The Hobbit.

Tolkien said he would send a revised edition to Ransome “if there is a reprint”, adding “sales are not very great”. The letter forms part of a collection of Tolkien’s writing held at the University of Leeds — where he taught.


Weaving: we haven’t filmed the final battle yet

Ten reasons we still love J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit

One of most popular and beloved trilogies in film history, Jackson’s Lord of the Rings movies –- based on the three Tolkien titles that came after The Hobbit — have inspired a quasi-religious fervor in fans.

But perhaps you don’t keep a cardboard Legolas in your bedroom. Maybe you read The Hobbit as a child and recall a little dude with furry feet and some fat dwarves. Here are 10 reasons we’re still hooked on The Hobbit as it celebrates its 75th anniversary.


Five brand-new Hobbit stills via Cinemarcado!

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