Tuesday, October 9, 2012

End Song for AUJ and Four New Banners

Neil Finn of ‘Crowded House’ provides the end title song for An Unexpected Journey

According to Peter Green, at this website, a song by New Zealand musician Neil Finn will be used during the end credits of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.  Finn has recorded extensively, as a solo artist and also with bands such as Split Enz and Pajama Club; he is perhaps best known as lead singer and guitarist with Crowded House.  We don’t yet know anything more about this song, but will update as soon as we do!  Given that all three end credit songs for the Lord of the Rings movies were performed by women, it will be exciting to hear a male voice at the end of the first Hobbit movie.  The soundtracks for Fellowship of the Ring and Return of the King were released at the end of November in their respective years, but the Two Towers soundtrack didn’t come out until 10th December 2002; let’s hope we get an end of November release date for theUnexpected Journey soundtrack!
Thanks to Peter and to ringer spy Dennis for the heads up!

Four New Banners


James The Movie Reviewer said...

Can't wait to hear what Howard Shore is going compose for The Hobbit. I hope it is equelly as epic as the LOTR. :)


Alyianna said...

Defs! :D