Saturday, August 11, 2012

What to Expect with Three Movies and MORE.'s been awhile since I posted here! I've been on vacation, so that's why, if any of you were wondering...

I think I'll just do some of these posts, instead of all of them. I'll start with the older news, and see how far I get.

The bold ‘Hobbit’ trilogy decision and what to expect

I have to say that I think that it is so cool that Pete is taking this new path - that no one has ever before!

And the studios, well, they said yes. Eventually we will hear if they said, “YES YES YES!” or if they said, “Well, uh, hmm, well, urrrr, yes.” - my favourite part XD

EEEEK! Taking a break from watching the trailer and THEN seeing's almost like seeing it for the first time before. I love Bilbo's new reaction to Gandalf arriving...I never noticed how Ori caught the mug of beer - that's really cool!...the song "Under the Misty Mountains" is just as spine-chilling in a cool way as it was before...I just LOVE how the dwarves can actually sing for this! And that Pete is keeping at least one of the songs for the Hobbit!!! :D

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James The Movie Reviewer said...

I hope making The Hobbit into a trilogy will work, but if anyone can do it, Peter Jackson can.