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Christopher Tolkien gives rare interview to Le Monde

Christopher Tolkien is the youngest son of J.R.R. Tolkien, and his literary executor. He recently gave a rare interview to French newspaper Le Monde. In it, he talks about his father’s works, reputation, and the slow evolution of Tolkien’s Middle-earth.

The posterity of J.R.R. Tolkien is both the story of an extraordinary literary transmission from a father to a son, and the story of a misunderstanding. The most well-known works, the ones that have hidden the rest, were only an epiphenomenon in the eyes of their author…

Studio sources refute wild rumour of third Hobbit film

Hours into Comic-Con, one rumour kept circulating around San Diego: that Peter Jackson would announce a third Hobbit film during Warner Brothers’ Saturday panel. However, studio spokespeople have told Variety that But Jackson isn’t getting ready to give audiences more “Hobbit.

There are “no planned or surprise announcements” involving a third film these spokespeople say. “The plan was always for two.”

According to Variety, Jackson wound up with more footage than expected during their 266-day shoot in New Zealand. Rather than making a third film feasible, would the best of this footage not be more likely to end up on an Extended Edition? Thanks to Quackingtroll for the heads-up!


Mythbusters’ Adam Savage turns into a wraith

Apparently Mythbusters’ Adam Savage spent the day wandering around Comic-Con disguised as a Nazgul. Very cool, very convincing!

In 2011, he went disguised as the character No-Face from Hayao Miyazaki’s oscar-winning film Spirited Away.

We wonder what might have happened if he’d run into Martin Freeman or Elijah Wood?

Spy news: Dwalin’s runes, Orcrist, Thranduil and wargs!

Peter Jackson Goes A-Hobbiting To Comic Con

Peter Jackson has just posted a lengthy message on his Facebook even as he jets out to make for the land where Hobbit Con, erm, Comic Con is in full swing.

Highlights include:
  • A new production vlog that should soon be ready, including behind-the-scenes footage of their experiences at Comic Con, and perhaps bits of the Hobbit Reel that will be showcased there too.
  • Confirmation that September is the month we’ll finally get that new trailer we’ve all been clamouring for.
PJ also explains at length his decision to film the Hobbit Reel at 24 fps and in 2D at Comic Con, stating that the only way one can make a fair judgement about the higher frame rate is not by glimpsing quick clips in a trailer-like sequence, but rather by experiencing the story in its entirety – tremendous reassurance that, come December, it would be worth our whiles to embolden ourselves and experience The Hobbit at least once in 48 fps, in a good cinema.

For now, all eyes are on Comic Con and tomorrow’s highly-anticipated Warner Bros. Hobbit panel. You can be sure TORn’s staffers will be bringing you the most comprehensive coverage of the event via our special Hobbit @ Comic Conwebspace.

“All Access Live” on Spike TV’s interview with Andy Serkis

Peter Jackson: Hobbit and LoTR books rich in details

The Los Angeles Times caught up with Peter Jackson for a quick Q & A interview. He told Geoff Boucher about his choice for making two movies and Jackson was 

surprised at how rich the world is, and how many interesting themes and characters there are to explore” and by “also using extensive parts of the appendixes, which were published at the end of “Return of the King.” This is not just “The Hobbit” – it’s “The Hobbit” set in a much greater context of events taking place throughout Middle-earth during this period

Peter Jackson also added: “. The material is so rich. In fact, only this last week or two, we’ve been talking to the studio about allowing us to shoot some additional material next year, to fully complete the story.”  Extended Edition anyone? here’s hoping:) [More]

A new Tolkien book looms on the horizon

The Tolkien scholarly community is afire with curiosity and rumours after it emerged that a new Tolkien book is on the horizon. The book, which we understand will be called The Fall of Arthurappears to be set for a May 2013 release going from pre-order information that inadvertently popped up on the website of retailing giant Amazon. It’s possible that it has been edited by Christopher Tolkien, but this is unconfirmed.

The Fall of Arthur is a long, alliterative poem based on Arthurian legends. Some excerptsfrom it were published in Humphrey Carpenter’s biography of JRR Tolkien. It seems it was written in the 1930s. In Letters of JRR Tolkien there is a bare mention of The Fall of Arthur.

I write alliterative verse with pleasure, though I have published little beyond fragments in The Lord of the Rings, except ‘The Homecoming of Beorhtnoth’… a dramatic dialogue on the nature of the ‘heroic’ and the ‘chivalrous’. I still hope to finish a long poem on The Fall of Arthur in the same measure. Letter 165, Letters of JRR Tolkien.

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