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LoTR family tree adds historical timeline

You may remember the LoTR family tree project.
Now Emil Johansson (the creator) has added another neat feature — a complete timeline of the history of Middle-earth as far back as the awakening of the elves in Cuiviénen. When you click a date from the Second Age, the Third Age (including the War of the Ring) or the Fourth Age, it even locates the event for you on a Middle-earth map.

It’d be lovely to see this extended to the First Age with the map of Beleriand from Silmarillion at some point. But in the meantime, do go explore a little bit of ME’s rich history. This is some great work.

Peter Jackson reveals New Hobbit Poster for Comic-Con

Peter Jackson just revealed a gorgeous new Hobbit poster on his facebook page which will be available to fans at Comic-Con. Check it out (at right) and, as always, check US out next week for all the latest and greatest Hobbit/Comic-Con news. You won’t want to miss our exclusive coverage!

TORn staff analyse all 12 Entertainment Weekly photos!

I could perhaps give my comments on these photos if some people wish? ;)

As of right now – The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey still set for Dec 14th 2012

There have been a variety of rumblings out there today about the possibility of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey being delayed until December 26th 2012. A studio source has told us this is not true. The release date is December 14th 2012.

Benedict Cumberbatch visits the zoo for inspiration

In an recent interview with InStyle magazine, Benedict Cumberbatch said he visited the London Zoo to study the reptiles in preparation for his role as Smaug the dragon.
“It’s an extrapolation of a performance into something other than an actor. But essentially, you’re still doing a scene.”

Cumberbatch who also stars in the up-coming Star Trek 2 and plays Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock says that his acting parents helped him learn the importance of professionalism.
In other Cumberbatch news, apparently he’s also landed a small guest spot on the Simpsons. Its been recorded, but no word yet on when it might air, or what the part involved.

The Hobbit LEGO figures revealed for a December debut

LEGO fans can finally get a look at some of ‘The Hobbit’ mini-figures. The figures will hit store shelves on December 1. Expect additional figures, as well as film-themed sets and some secret activities at Comic-Con in San Diego.

Left to Right: Gandalf, Dwalin, Bombur, Bofur, Bilbo and Balin

Bill Bailey not bitter over Hobbit ‘snub’

No matter how grateful he is for the support, Bill Bailey thinks the online petition to get him a part in The Hobbit might have worked against him. Back in 2007, fans started campaigning to get the comedian and actor a role in Sir Peter Jackson’s movie, eventually gaining almost 1500 signatures. When he was last in New Zealand in 2010, Bailey even auditioned for a role. But sadly, it came to nothing and the man who once called his stand-up tour “Part Troll” will not be appearing in Jackson’s latest epic. Bailey isn’t bitter. “You hand the director a load of signatures, it would probably wind him up eventually,” Bailey says, laughing, on the phone from his home in London. “‘Oh God, I just want a resume. I don’t want all of these signatures, cluttering up the desk’. But I think I’m going to try to write a musical based on The Hobbit. That’s the way to go.” Who knows if he’s serious? Read More… 

Mythgard Institute offers Hobbit lecture downloads

If you’ve been too busy to attend the online Tolkien and fantasy-related lectures offered by Mythgard Institute, you’ll be pleased to know that you can download many of them at their website. In particular, “The Hobbit Lectures” are both interesting and topical and include titles such as “Bilbo Builds his Resume” and “Bilbo Earns his Reward.” These, and other downloads are free, and available at the Mythgard Institute website.

Design a career around your imagination

Weta concept designers and illustratorsIn this article, The New Zealand Herald’s Helen Frances speaks to Wetaconcept designers and illustrators Ben Wootten and Paul Tobin about how they got their starts in the industry.

Wootten joined Weta in 1996, and has worked on King KongThe Lord of the Rings and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. His knowledge of animal anatomy and behavior (he studied zoology at university) was key to creating the dinosaurs for King Kong.
Paul Tobin began his career at Weta Workshop in 2003 when the first Narnia film and King Kong were underway. Tobin says he was “lousy at drawing dinosaurs” so he stayed with Narnian fantasy. His background in ancient history and archaeology proved the inspiration for concept designs for Peter and Edmund’s armour and weapons and Susan’s horn.

Read more here. Photo by Steve Unwin.

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