Wednesday, July 4, 2012

News Again!

I'm so sorry that I let the news get to this state - I have TONS piled up!!! I really need to get better with this... unveils new photos from The Hobbit set!

EW photo sheds new light on Barrels Out of Bond!

Hobbit cast members cameo in local music vid!

What do actors from The Hobbit do when they hang out in Wellington? Apparently they go to disused skateparks in Lower Hutt and help out talented local indie-folk bands like the very lovely Claude Rains make music videos for their rockin’ new tunes. (Really, it is a fine tune. Have a listen, then check out their Bandcamp page.)

Can you ID all the actors making an appearance?

Alyianna: I LIKE! :)

Hugo Weaving on Last Ride, Cloud Atlas and The Hobbit

In a new interview with Collider, Hugo Weaving chats about films both old and new.

There’s his delight at Australian film Last Ride(now three years old) has finally achieved a US release in NYC theatres, and nationally through VOD.

He speaks of working with the Wachowskis again on Cloud Atlas, what his love of Berlin.

Plus he touches on reprising Elrond for The Hobbit, the different tone of the new films, and how he thinks the 3D will work wonderfully well for the type of film it is.

Choice Hobbit quote: “You live from day to day and from moment to moment, doing the best you can. There’s a delightful atmosphere there, so it was lovely. I’ve literally just come back from there a couple days ago, having done post-production.”

John Bell talks about Bain son of Bard

Scottish actor John Bell is the youngest castmember from The Hobbit. Yet this year he’s been in two blockbuster movies, Wrath of the Titans and Battleship. And The Hobbitis still to come.
John recently answered a few questions about his work on these films in a Q&A withMiddle-earth News. For Tolkien fans keen to find out more on his role in The Hobbit, he describes Bain, son of Bard as: (highlight below to reveal spoilers)
“a young boy ready to do battle when needs be and to protect his father.” He later adds that: “I won’t shy away from a fight sequence, and I’m happy to slip into a harness whenever it’s needed so I can hang off a cliff or swing across a perilous ravine.”
It’s unclear whether the second quote could refer to his work in other films. Could we really see Bain rescuing Bard from deadly danger? Anyone who knows more, please drop us an e-mail!.

McKellen and friends at the Opera House

TORn’s own tour to New Zealand for “The Hobbit” premiere is now open for business

Primary filming for The Hobbit is nearly done?

Luke Evans, the actor playing Bard the Bowman in The Hobbit, has tweeted that he is starting his final four days of shooting on the film tomorrow.

Does this mean that the entire primary shoot could be finished mid-next week? Is it more evidence that points to a Peter Jackson appearance at Comic-Con? Or is it just that Evans is wrapping up his role?

Let the speculation begin!

PaigeBlackie Gallery reveals Dean O’Gorman’s art

“New Zealand: where fantasy meets reality”

Tourism New Zealand seems super-keen to maximise the tourism opportunities that The Hobbit is offering. Chief executive Kevin Bowler says that new 100% Pure commercials, designed to sell New Zealand to the world, will be “hugely influenced by The Hobbit”.

A theme of the new marketing strategy will be “New Zealand: where fantasy meets reality”.

New advertisements will feature people enjoying what the country had to offer. Bowler says that previous images of rolling hills, lush bush and green pastures had given the impression New Zealand was beautiful, yet deserted, and visitors would struggle to find activities to occupy themselves.


Red Carpet Hobbit Premiere Tour: Places limted

Lego LoTR unveils Moria animated short

Lego has quickly followed up its first animated short with a new one, this time following the Fellowship through the mines of Moria.

It’s very enjoyable silliness — go watch it!


New: Guardians of Middle-earth gameplay trailer