Wednesday, July 18, 2012

HD Hobbit Stills and More

Jared Connon: LoTR and Hobbit location scout

Jared Connon is the supervising location manager for The Hobbit, and worked on The Lord Of The Rings.

The eagle-eyed film locations expert has worked in the film industry since he was 19, knows New Zealand like the back of his hand and is considered one of the best in the business. Connon has seen more remote parts of New Zealand than most fellow kiwis. He’s also very dedicated to the Māori ethos ofkaitiakitanga — treading lightly on the land, treating it with respect and leaving it unspoiled for future generations.

In this feature, Connon speaks about location scouting, the logistical challenge of organising filming permissions and what makes a good location scout.


TORn’s ultimate Comic-Con 2012 round-up!

Lots of hobbity goodness here!

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Lego debuts Helm’s Deep animated short!

Lego has just debuted its third animated short for its Lord of the Rings game, this time with members of the Fellowship repelling the Uruk-hai hordes of Saruman at Helm’s Deep.

Thanks to ringer whatisabagginses for the heads-up!


Video: Mythbusters’ Adam Savage the ringwraith

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