Sunday, June 24, 2012

Old News

I was just looking through my mailbox...when I discovered all this semi-old (I say semi-old because it's not THAT old) news that had missed posting! So here you all go. :)

More evidence for Freeman and Armitage at Comic-Con plus video of the ‘Hobbit’ cast on stage — together

Most Wellington cinemas will make the (48fps) grade

Wellywood may be the home of The Hobbit, but Wellington’s cinemas are yet to make the technological shift so Kiwis can see it in all its double-frame glory.

The Dominion Post reports that, while most cinemas plan to install technology necessary to watch the film in 48-frames-per-second (fps), none of those the paper spoke to today had yet upgraded.
According to the paper, Miramar’s Roxy Cinema — refitted with the help of Oscar-winning big names Sir Peter Jackson, Sir Richard Taylor, and Jamie Selkirk — will have the tech in time for The Hobbit’s general release, but others such as Paramount Cinema in Courtenay Pl and Penthouse Cinema in Brooklyn have no plans to make the shift.


Hobbit trailer to show in US theatres with Brave. But which trailer?

Filming Hobbit ‘like a war’ says Connolly

Billy Connolly is a quote machine, and a publicist’s dream. Seriously. Now, speaking to the NZ Herald, he’s dropped a few more wonderful lines about his experience playing Dain Ironfoot. No real spoilers in this article, unless you’ve not read the Hobbit, but perhaps some more indication of what we can expect from the Battle of the Five Armies.

“What an experience,” he says of filming The Hobbit. “It’s a huge undertaking. It’s like a war.”

He says as a dwarf, he’s doing a lot of fighting.


New Hobbit card game bound for German audiences

First Hobbit DVD set for mid-2013 release

Tourism New Zealand chief executive officer Kevin BowlerThe DVD package of Peter Jackson’s first Hobbit film An Unexpected Journey will be released mid-2013, according to Tourism New Zealand boss Kevin Bowler. Speaking today in Queenstown, he revealed it will also contain a New Zealand tourism feature directed by Jackson himself.

No word in the article on whether the DVD will be an “extended edition”. Cheers to Eldaria for the spot.


Hobbit star’s 48-hour quest

A-list movie names Elijah Wood and Sir Peter Jackson have thrown their weight behind the V48 Hours film competition, taking part in the judging of this year’s Grand National Final — including a film that didn’t start shooting until seven hours before the deadline.

The competition, which started in 2003, gives teams just 48 hours to create, shoot and submit a short film that must contain certain elements, and in a certain genre.


CineEurope 2012: The Hobbit 48fps will cost exhibitors

Attendees at CineEurope 2012 — a trade show for theatre owners and operators — have heard that Peter Jackson’s decision to shoot The Hobbit using 48 frames per second rather than the current 24fps (or 25 in some parts of Europe) will cost them more.

However, it seems that exhibitors have largely signaled that they still want to show the hotly anticipated movie in the higher, more-expensive framerate.


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