Friday, June 15, 2012

Hobbit Trailer 2 coming and more!

Trailer 2 for The Hobbit finished and coming soon!

We’d heard the next Hobbit trailer was coming soon. Now CaptainSalt has let us know thatthe Alberta Film Ratings website, which lists trailers before they appear in US theaters has classified the trailer #2 with a G rating.

The run time is listed at 2 minutes, 24 seconds, eight seconds shorter than the first trailer. Trailers are listed on the site preceding their official release, so this means the trailer has been finalised and will be debuting soon! (Anyone taking bets for San Diego Comic-con?)

Billy Connolly reveals date of ‘The Hobbit’ wrap party

Billy Connolly returned to New Zealand today after a brief tour to promote the animated movie “Brave,” which was three years in the making. He was glad to be back to complete his role as Dain Ironfoot.

“I have a war to fight. Elves to kill. Orcs to maim,” he says.

And he has really enjoyed working with Peter Jackson, who obviously sets a high standard.

“He knows what he wants and he stays on the case until he gets it. It’s highly technical and we do a lot of takes. It’s not like normal movies where you just have to get your words right and avoid the furniture.”

But Billy isn’t sure how long he will be in New Zealand although he hasn’t done much sightseeing yet and revealed he has an invitation to “The Hobbit” wrap party on July 7th. So only a little while longer for Billy to be a dwarf warrior. Pickups are expected to take place after the official wrap, so some filming will go on after the July 7 party.

Wood talks to Yahoo! about his return to Middle-earth

Elijah Wood recently sat down with Yahoo! TV to discuss the forthcoming second season of “Wilfred.” In the process, he shed a little light on his recent journey back to New Zealand to take part in the filming of “The Hobbit”. Thanks to James for the heads-up. Go have a listen and watch the video. [More]

Merch news: Wrebbit 3D puzzles for The Hobbit

Wrebbit and Coiledspring, creators of 3D puzzles of various Lord of the Rings sets (including Edoras, Orthanc and Minas Tirith) have announced they’re working on a new series inspired by the The Hobbit movies. No sneak-preview images yet, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for something nice.

Production diary blows Beorn’s cover (again)?

Connolly drops a dwarven bombshell!

In this interview published yesterday in Australian media, Billy Connolly speaks forthrightly about the newest projects he’s been involved in: Brave and Quartet.

He saves the best for last though, dropping a bombshell spoiler about his role as Dain Ironfoot in the Hobbit. It’s just so outrageous that maybe, just maybe, he’s pulling our leg?

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