Sunday, April 22, 2012

I Need Your Help!

I'm working on some "finishing" (I say "finishing" because it's going to take a least, that's as long as I have) touches for the new website (don't worry, I'm keeping this blog for least for the moment)...and I realized that the title - Middle Earth Geeks (MEG) doesn't sound that great.

So, I wanted to ask your help on deciding a new name. Do any of these sound good enough, or do you have any awesome suggestions (I bet you do - so spit them out! :P)?

- Middle Earth Fanatics
- Tolkien World
- Password to Middle Earth (I thought this title is kind of cool because the website tells you more about Middle your key to discovering it. Does that make sense?)
- The Western Shore (You know, the quote from Legolas - "Frodo and Sam have reached the western shore!" Actually, it's probably a dumb idea. Or not?)
- All That Is Gold Does Not Glitter
- Seven Stars, Seven Stones, and One White Tree
- May It Be
- Into the West
- Use Well the Days
- Shields Shall Be Splintered
- Elven Stars (from Sam's song in ROTK - book)
- Fog on the Barrow Downs

Please try to give me at least one idea of your own AND your top three favourites from my ideas (and put them in order of #1, 2, 3).


The Musical Dancer said...

I liked the idea of Middle Earth Fanatics, but it does sound a little awkward. Maybe 'Lord of the Rings Fanatics,' but I realized that you aren't focusing on LOTR as much as Tolkien in general, so I'm not sure...XD

My favorite ones are:

#1 The Western Shore (I thought that really clever)

#2 Into the West

#3 Password to Middle Earth

Alyianna said...

The website will probably mostly focus on LOTR, actually...but also on The Hobbit to some extent, and probably some of The Silmarillion (though I'm not such a great expert on that subject since I've only listened to an audio book with the tracks all mixed up). :P

Thanks! Hopefully I'll get some more feedback soon because I need to make a decision soon about my title because my website is due next month (it's actually for a project in school, though I always wanted to do something like this anyway).

JT/King Valun said...

I would try "The Window on the West". That's my idea for looking at something...

I like
1)Password to Middle Earth

2) Elven Stars

3)Seven Stars,Seven Stones and One White Tree

Hannah said...

I like the Password to Middle Earth, Seven Stars..., and Into the West best. I like the idea The Western Shore but I remember it being the Eastern shore... I could be wrong, of course but I just wanted to mention that so you could check. :) In order I would say

1 Seven Stars...

2 Password to Middle Earth

3. Into the West

although they're all very close. The only ideas I can think of off the top of my head is maybe using a chapter name from LotR or the Hobbit; The White Rider, Fog on the Barrow Downs, The Window on the West, etc. Or using the names of the pieces in the LotR soundtrack; Concerning Hobbits, The Lighting of the Beacons, A Far Green Country, etc. Or you could do a place name like The Grey Havens, the Green Dragon, etc.

Hope this helps! :) I can't wait to see the website!

Alyianna said...

OOPSIE! You're right, I think it is the Eastern Shore. I think I'll just have to make a poll of the ideas I like and have you guys and girls all vote on them. :P

Thank you everyone for your suggestions and help!

Eruvatar said...

How about " The Palantiri " I realize that it is probably a rather obscure phrase unless you are a dedicated Tolkien fan but it does relate to the seeing of things which what sites are all about. My favorites are :

3- May it be

2 - Into The West

1- Fog On The Barrow Downs


Alyianna said...

Wow! I actually really love that title. I think I may use that. :)