Friday, April 13, 2012


Tall and slender? In Wellington? The Hobbit casting call needs YOU!

Now’s your chance!  The latest casting call for extras has gone out for The Hobbit movies; they are looking for people based in the Wellington area, who are tall and of slender build.  That can mean only one thing – more elves!  Find details here - and be sure to let us know if you’re lucky enough to be cast!

Stephen Fry finishes filming, bids a fond farewell to Middle-earth

British actor Stephen Fry, who will appear as the Master of Laketown in the upcoming Hobbit movies (though perhaps only in the second one?? – just a guess…), has – according to the press – finished filming in New Zealand.  He’s clearly sad to go, as reported here.   (If you’re curious about Fry’s comments about broadband services, as mentioned in the article, you can read more here!)

What this means regarding what is ‘in the can’ and what is still to be shot can only be speculated.  Are all Laketown scenes filmed?  Have the technical wizards already started adding in a CGI Smaug?  Might Fry be called back for pick-ups after the first movie has been released?  Right now, the question I’m pondering is this: once he’s back in Britain, I wonder how soon the actor will find time to stop by the Hobbit pub in Southampton?  Perhaps he’ll wait till cast mate Ian McKellen can join him, later in the summer….


The Musical Dancer said...

Stephen Fry is awesome! I had no idea he was in The Hobbit! AAAAAHHHH! I can't wait for December!

James and Jacob said...

That would be cool, but I am way to tall to be a Hobbit. lol