Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April 16 - 17 News

New Zealand expects Hobbity visitors…

For the fans of Tolkien who wish they could visit Middle-earth, New Zealand is, in many regards, the closest they will get.  Certainly the Lord of the Rings movies created a huge boost to New Zealand tourism; it would be fascinating to know how many readers of TORn were inspired to visit – or even to move! – down under after watching Peter Jackson’s films.

Now the New Zealand tourist board is getting ready for another influx of visitors, and businesses are being encouraged to embrace The Hobbit in order to attract tourists.   Last year, the Rugby World Cup (which happens every four years) was hosted – and won! – by New Zealand; but the tourism created by that event is as nothing compared with what The Hobbit will bring, says George Hickton, the man who led the ’100% Pure New Zealand’ campaign.  You can read what he has to say here; if it makes you want to hurry off for an Aotearoa adventure, don’t forget your passport – and maybe a pocket-handkerchief…

14 New LOTR Shirts added to

The official The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit shop,, is at it again! They’ve just added 14 new styles to their t-shirt store and some may be a bit hard to resist! Among the highlights: The White Tree of Gondor, a Treebeard quote, a ‘lost Ring’ design and many others. Check them out! BTW – We do hope to have some new T-Shirts in the near future! [] [Official Hobbit Shirt]

Getting to know Julie James of Red Carpet Tours

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