Friday, March 30, 2012

March 29th & 30th News

Unique, new commentary on LOTR movie trilogy

A close relative of TheOneRing’s own Barliman’s chat room concept of group commentary while watching a film, has completed thoughts on the entire LOTR trilogy. The site is free and interesting an the folks commenting know film but most importantly, they know story. The site leads off its “about” portion of the website with the following:

“Down in Front is a commentary podcast with a difference – all of the members of the Down in Front family are, in some way, involved in the film industry and work on movies for a living. Sometimes we even worked on the movies we run commentary on. Sometimes we’re not proud of it.”

They have done many more films than these, but deserve a tip of the hat for taking on this trilogy (although we confess we have only listened to snippets so far but believe they are certainly entitled to their opinions, whatever they are!) You can either watch the film and synch their commentary or listen to it on its own. Curious? Take a look right here to check out their work. (We like the idea so much, who knows, we might even borrow it and lock some staff in a room sometime during a trilogy marathon for a TORn staff commentary.) Thanks to spy rtambree for the notice.

BBC asks ‘Why are fantasy accents British?’

We have asked in delightful geeky conversations, and you have too: “Why are fantasy accents British?” In fact, at a recent TORn staff meeting at John Carter, that very topic came up. Well, bless the BBC and writer Brian Wheeler for taking the conversation to the next level and checking with some experts and for including LOTR and The Hobbit in the discussion. You can read it right here. Thanks to spy Elessar (but not the TORn staffer of the same name) for the tip.

Alyianna: Love this!

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