Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Top Entries of PME???

The Top 20 stories of TORN

What do you think are the top entries of this blog of last year? Please go down to the comments and tell me about a few of your favourite entries! If you have the links to the entries, those would be greatly appreciated. Then, after I have all of your favourite posts together, we can do a vote!!! Below are some links to some of my posts of last year. Oh, and by the way, here is the link to my Tolkien's birthday post.

Dec. 30 - Ladbrokes offer odds on Hobbit film to be lord of the box office
Dec. 30 - Christopher Lee and the Subject of Stabbing
Dec. 30 - Christopher Lee Sings Treebeard's Song
Dec. 30th News
Dec. 29 - :O !!!
Dec. 27 - AND More News
Dec. 27 - LOTR Topics
Dec. 27 - Local News Coverage – The Hobbit Trailer
Dec. 27 - Elijah Wood: 'I was thrilled to play Frodo Baggins in The Hobbit'
Dec. 27 - “The Samwise Rises” Goofs on Batman and LOTR
Dec. 27 - Wizard of Iz Goes Geek
Dec. 26 - LOTR Christmas memories
Dec. 25 - TODAY!!!
Dec. 23 - Production Video #5
Dec. 23 - Hobbit Trailer Frame-by-Frame
Dec. 20 - Hobbit Trailer to Appear Tonight!!!
Dec. 19 - LOTR Comics???
Dec. 19 - Plan 9 Interview!
Dec. 19 - HQ Hobbit Photo!
Dec. 16 News
Dec. 15 - About the Hobbit trailer!
Dec. 14 News
Dec. 13 - Oh My!
Dec. 1 & 2 News
Dec. 1 - More News
Nov. 28 & 29th News
Nov. 27 - A Must-Watch!!!
Nov. 27 - TV Watch: Elijah Wood Talks TORN Oscar Parties
Nov. 26th Daily Post
Nov. 26 - Collecting The Precious – Weta Workshop ‘The Argonath’ Review
Nov. 25th News
Nov. 25 Daily Post
Nov. 24th News
Nov. 20th News
Nov. 18th Daily Post

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