Thursday, January 5, 2012

January 5 News

Martin Freeman TV Alert

Everyone’s newest favorite hobbit, Martin Freeman, is set to appear on the Graham Norton Show in the UK this Friday and BBC America on Saturday.
Freeman is currently making audiences very happy with his role as Dr. John Watson on BBC One’s “Sherlock.” For all of you “Doctor Who” fans, Karen Gillan will also be a guest — and Noel Gallagher, to round things out.  “Sherlock” will return to the US on PBS this spring,
“The Hobbit” is … well, you know when that one’s coming out.  [Graham Norton schedule: UK | US]

Bret McKenzie Talks About Figwit and Lindir

Bret McKenzie, who unofficially played “Figwit” the Elf in The Lord of the Rings, spoke with ComingSoon.netabout his role as Lindir in The Hobbit.
“I’ve got a cameo as an elf. Or another cameo. My character is called Lindir. I hang out with Elrond… I’ve got a few lines in Elvish.”
In answer to the question about whether Figwit and Lindir are one and the same, here’s what Bret had to say:
“You’ll probably see, I’ve got slightly different ears. That’s how I differentiate my elf characters. The big difference for this character is that he’s in 3D. He’s a character that’s a lot more three dimensional.” promises the full interview will be available soon.
Thanks to Ringer spy Daniel J. for the heads-up.

Unreported acts of kindness from New Zealand

One old piece of news. :P

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