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January 14, 2011 News

Happy Birthday Orlando Bloom!

Before the final hour closes on this magical Friday the 13th, all of us at wish a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many blessings for the New Year to everyone’s favorite shield-surfing Elf with the Mona Lisa smile: the one and only Orlando Bloom turned 35 today!
  • From Wikipedia: “Bloom began acting professionally with television roles in episodes of Casualty andMidsomer Murders, and subsequently made his film debut in Wilde (1997), opposite Stephen Fry [Editor's Note: you will recall Mr. Fry has been cast as the Master of Lake-town in THE HOBBIT], before entering the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, where he studied acting. Two days after graduating from Guildhall in 1999, he was cast in his first major role, playing Legolas in The Lord of the Rings.”
Happy Birthday Leggy! Hopefully the spiders back home haven’t run off with your presents — and the lingering looks Tauriel keeps giving you will amount to something. Best to keep Bombur away from the cake.  Cheers to you, Orlando!

LA Times: New Pic of Martin Freeman as Bilbo Surfaces – The naming of Sting?

*SPOILERS* The LA Times Hero Complexcolumn has a new pic of Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins in the upcoming ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.’ And while the pic is amazing…it seems to capture almost exactly the following moment from The Hobbit book:  (Chapter 8 : Flies and Spiders)
There was the usual dim grey light of the forest-day about him when he came to his senses. The spider lay dead beside him, and his sword-blade was stained black. Somehow the killing of the giant spider, all alone by himself in the dark without the help of the wizard or the dwarves or of anyone else, made a great difference to Mr. Baggins. He felt a different person, and much fiercer and bolder in spite of an empty stomach, as he wiped his sword on the grass and put it back into its sheath.
“I will give you a name,” he said to it, “and I shall call you Sting.” 
The naming of Sting!! Can’t wait to see more images. For the full LA Times article, please follow the link. And thanks to Ringer John for sending us the heads up. [Read more] [Full Res Image]

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