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January 13 News (well, actually news from past days...)

MTV: Richard Armitage’s Journey To ‘The Hobbit’

MTV talks to Richard Armitage about being named one of their “Ones to Watch” and the joy of being involved in “The Hobbit.” Richard says of the whole experience: “It’s been the best thing I’ve ever worked on in my life, by far.” He adds, “I don’t think it will be possible to leave it behind me. I think this is one of those characters that always stay with you because you spend so much time with him and it’s such a transformation. ”
Richard also talks about rediscovering Tolkien as an adult, Thorin’s journey as a character, working with the ensemble cast and much more. In fact, there is too much good stuff to quote out of context, so take yourself over to MTV’s site and read it in full.  (If, by some chance, you have not read to the end of “The Hobbit,” there is a spoiler)

“Hobbit” heads to Miramar?

From The Dominion Post: “Peter Jackson’s production company, 3 Foot 7, has applied to Wellington District Council for a resource consent to use the land on the northern tip of Miramar Peninsula for filming between March and May.” According to The Post, Peter Jackson’s production company, 3 Foot 7, hopes to make use of land that had been used for the failed feature film “Kingdom Come.”

MTV Posts Hobbit Merch Pic, Then Removes It – UPDATE

Image Removed at the request of Gentle Giant Ltd.
Yesterday MTV’s Movie Blog posted a sketch for a mini-bust of Thorin from The Hobbit films, then mysteriously removed it, well we have it here for you. Take a look before it also disappears!
MTV wrote: This past weekend, a file made its way to our inbox that got us excited… but also can’t be authenticated. It appears to be a sketch for a mini-bust of Thorin Oakenshield, leader of the dwarven warriors in the upcoming The Hobbit film, and has Gentle Giant Ltd. literally written all over it! After contacting the folks at G.G., and receiving what amounted to “no comment”, we decided it would be a disservice not to post it for you all regardless. The Hobbit’s action figure license has been granted to a company that isn’t known for such things, so this offers collectors and fans a tinge of hope that some cool merchandise will still be released from the upcoming films. Gentle Giant is no stranger to either the world of J.R.R. Tolkien or movie-based mini-busts thanks to their pioneering of Real Scan technology, so if this isn’t real– it should be!
While we can’t truly say that this is official, our source has yet to bring us any b.s. info. Read on for a look at the full art in question and decide for yourselves.
Image Removed at the request of Gentle Giant Ltd.
Sure, this could have been used to attempt in getting the rights to produce busts based on the film franchise, but we doubt Gentle Giant has to jump through hoops when it comes to Peter Jackson’s epic since they previously released an entire LotR mini-bust line.
We’ll have updates, and hopefully images, as soon as we can find out more.
Stay tuned to MTV Geek! for all your toy coverage– both real and imagined.

Behold! The LOTR Aragorn LEGO Poster!

Those of us who are anxiously awaiting the upcoming The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit LEGO sets get an additional tease today! Hot off the presses, here is LEGO The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Aragorn Poster. I think it is safe to say that Viggo never looked so good as a LEGO! If you were not aware, LEGO has announced recently they will be producing items for The Lord of the Rings trilogy and the upcoming The Hobbit films. Collectibles are set to be released this coming Summer. Jump on over to LEGO’s official site forThe Lord of the Rings and keep watching for more updates! [Official Site] [Download the Poster PDF] [Read the Announcement]

Bruce Hopkins Radio Updates

Our buddy Bruce Hopkins writes: I have a couple of audio clips on my RadioLIVE page that may be of interest to some of the Torn-ers. I chat with Nicole Roberts who lives in LA and won a costume competition judged by Richard Taylor and Daniel Falconer. Her prize is a trip to NZ. We also talk about the birthday celebrations for JRR Tolkien. I also have a chat which I had with Professor Alexander Gaeta who was one of the inventors of the ‘time cloak’, based on a study carried out at Cornell University. Alexander is a Tolkien fan, and so I asked him if the Elven cloaks could have been created using their amazing discovery.More..

Mikael Persbrandt Talks A Wee Bit About Beorn

Anton S. alerted us to an interview with MikaelPersbrandt in Swedish site where he talks a little bit about his role as Beorn in The Hobbit.
Here’s the translation of the relevant bits that Anton sent along.
MovieZine: Are you finished filming the Hobbit?
Mikael P.: No, absolutely not. I’m going back there in February.
MovieZine: Do you have a part in both films?
Mikael P.: Yes I have. The role is more or less what it is in the book. I’m not going to talk much more about it because they’ll get angry at me, but read the book and you see… and then maybe there is a little more.
MovieZine: How is your character Beorn created? Make-up or some kind of motion-capture?
Mikael P.: As I said before I intended to survive the night. Otherwise I guess I’ll get a missile after me. It’s exciting to be a part of it. You’ll see later, its barley a year left until the premier in December.
Alyianna: Woah...take a look at those blue eyes...

Watch the very first film adaptation of The Hobbit (that was never released)

Fantasy Flight’s LOTR Card Game Expansion

Ostadan writes: The first ‘major’ expansion for FF’s LotR card game, starting a new cycle of ‘chapter packs’, is now available. More..

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