Sunday, January 8, 2012

Important Question regarding this blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am working on making an awesome website to replace this blog. I hope someday it will be as good as Arwen Undomiel. ;)

But first, I have a questions for you all. Should I keep this blog for all LOTR/Hobbit news...or should I have all my news to be on this new website? If it was the latter, the switch wouldn't be for at least a month or two.

Please let me know what you think!!!


Voronda Elda-Aranel said...

Coool!! :)

But what will happen to PME??? I don't want it to be deleted!! :)

Hannah said...

I can't wait for the website! It sounds awesome. But I think it would be awesome if you also kept this blog. :) I really like reading it.

Alyianna said...

Okay, thanks guys! I will keep PME for news posts. It will be linked to my new website and this blog will have a link to my new website. How does that sound, guys?

Jackie Sparrow said...

Whoo!! That would be awesome!! But please please please keep this blog, it is THE BEST, seriously. :D
It'll be great having a website like Arwen Undomiel that's a bit cleaner... :P
btw Happy New Year!!! <:

Jackie Sparrow

Alyianna said...

I'm glad you like the idea, Jackie!! :) It will probably take a little while before I finish it because it isn't considered part of my school anymore.

Awww thanks! I'm glad someone considers this blog the best. :)