Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dragon Appreciation Award

I already got this award, but I decided I would do it again with a different dragon (I did Eustace the dragon on my Scribbles blog). Thank you, Aayla Rain, for passing on this award to me!

So...first I have to tell about a dragon I appreciate. I decided to do this post on SMAUG...because he's awesome.

Don't believe me? He breathes FIRE, is really smart, scary, makes a hoard of gold...I know all dragons do that, but that doesn't make him also less epic. What really helps is that he's a MIDDLE EARTH dragon. ;P

But...Bilbo was able to defeat him (see him in the bottom right-hand corner there?). I have to pass the award to three followers. This award can stop being passed around on the 16th.

I pass this award on to...
Arda from In Western Lands
Jackie Sparrow from The Life of Little Miss Sparrow
Ellie from Blue Jeans and Teen Dreams

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