Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dec. 14, 2011 News

More Tantalizing Details for The Hobbit Trailer

Max Jaybo writes: The Hobbit trailer has been rated for General Audiences by the Ontario Film Review Board as of the 14th. Here is the listing details:
Date Classified: Dec 14, 2011
Film Number: 2000098669
Distributor / Submitter / Exhibitor: WARNER BROS. ENTERTAINMENT CANADA INC.
Running Time (min): 2
Language: ENGLISH
Classification: GENERAL
Content Advisories:
Detailed Observations: – Suspenseful situations with short scenes or glimpses of scary characters or images usually in comedic, fantasy or historic setting
- Sensitive to scenes and situations related to child’s security
- Tobacco use
- Restrained portrayals of limited violence

Rain puts early end to Hobbit

ANNA PEARSON from The Hobbit film crew are pulling out of the Nelson region due to lousy weather, but it is highly likely they will return next year. Production company 3 Foot 7 publicist Ceris Price said it was too wet for filming, so they were leaving. “We were relying on beautiful weather. It’s just a real shame, because everybody loves Nelson. We have been having a lovely time here, but the weather in the last couple of days has made it very difficult. It’s time for a Christmas break,” she said.
Ms Price said it was “extremely probable” they would return to film at Canaan Downs next year. The film crew packed up and left the Pelorus Bridge campground in a hurry last night. Campground manager Stephanie Neal said a team of workers were removing a scaffolding structure – a walking platform – from near the Pelorus River this morning.More..

TTT Score Performed Live in Oz

From By popular demand – the second film from Peter Jackson’s trilogy, with its stunning orchestral score performed live on stage. In 2011 we presented The Fellowship of the Ring, the first film in Peter Jackson’s epic trilogy The Lord of the Rings. With the movie on the big screen and the orchestra performing Howard Shore’s music, the result made for some awesome hours in the concert hall. Then we were deluged! Faster than hordes of orcs storming Helm’s Deep, the emails flooded in. And the phone calls, the tweets and the Facebook posts. Everyone wanted to know when we’d be presenting the rest of the trilogy. So we’re delighted to announce Part II of The Lord of the Rings with two evening concerts and one matinee performance. Tickets

Shoemaker of the Opera

She may not quite be a shoe elf, but Jodie Morrison has shod an elf. The Aussie just spent a week in Cape Town, sorting out the shoes for the forthcoming The Phantom of the Opera production, having come from Wellington, New Zealand. She was in New Zealand to work on the film set of The Hobbit – which is where she had to make boots and shoes for Hugo Weaving and Orlando Bloom, who play elves Elrond and Legolas respectively in this Lord of the Rings (LotR) prequel, as well as dwarf boots and a little something for Gandalf (Sir Ian McKellen). The shoe crew who worked on the LotR films have retired so she applied for the job. More..

The Hobbit Teaser is coming, soon

Extra! Extra! Read all about it here!

365 Days until Hobbity Goodness!

We are officially 365 days away from the release of ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey‘ on December 14th 2012. We hope you will join us on this fantastic journey through the next year and beyond! We promise to give you the most authentic and unique coverage ofThe Hobbit films possible from a fan perspective. 2012 and 2013 look to be very exciting! [The Hobbit Coverage]


Ellie said...

I am getting so excited! I wish I could be here when they play the score.... :(
Oh, and btw we are celebrating the release dates of fotr, tt, and rotk on the days they came out, starting today. That's wha I meant in previous comments :) we've been making amazing decorations!!!!!

Alyianna said...

Oh gosh...I need to get those concert CDs somehow!!! :P

Ah...well, I wish I could join you but I just barely have time to put blog posts on my other blog (let alone this one :( ) with all my school this year. :( Have fun, though! :) Which days are they? Maybe I could still celebrate them on my blog. :P

Funmilayo said...

the hobbit looks like its going to be a good movie

Alyianna said...

Oh gosh, yes! I hardly ever go to the movie theatres, but this is one movie I am NOT going to miss! I don't suppose it could ever make up for not seeing LOTR in theatres, though. :(