Sunday, November 6, 2011

November 6, 2011 Daily Post


What Happened on This Day

On this day... (6 November)

On Earth

In Arda


Ellie said...

I love these posts about things that happened. ;)

(can you tell i'm on a mission to comment on every post ever?)

Anonymous said...

Coolness! I'm not on Facebook, but if I were I'd probably get The One Ring app, haha. ;)

And nooo!! If Frodo and Sam are only just resting in Rivendell, that means so much trouble is still ahead of them! :( Aw. Poor guys.

Haha, I'm such a geek. ;)

Alyianna said...

:) I'm glad you do.

(haha yes but I love it that way! :P)

Alyianna said...

To Taylor Lynn:

We knows. We makes some of it, preciousssss...

So am I. :P

Anonymous said...

LOL, that comment made me smile. ;)

Alyianna said...

:) those type of comments make me smile, too