Saturday, November 5, 2011

November 5, 2011 Daily Post


Sorry that some of the formatting is wonky. :( By the way, there are links to click!

What Happened on this day... (5 November)

On Earth

In Arda


Ellie said...

Hah! We have weapons and warfare!

Lotr obsessing girl who hopes commenting on every post doesn't qualify her as 'weird' cause she just likes anything Tolkien...

Alyianna said...

:( lucky

P.S. Hey, you're not weird! The comments make my day (since nobody else really does *sniff*), and I would be the same way (except I don't worry about being thought as weird, I only just wish I could find somebody else as obsessed as me :P).

Ellie said...

haha, I dont' really care if people think I'm weird, but I don't want them to like not post my comments cause they are supposedly weird. And I feel your pain, anyone who comments on my blog is like my cousin, or best friend....

and I think I might just be as obsessed as you are, and believe me she is way more obsessed than me..

Alyianna said...

Well, I will try to comment on your blog (and look at it) now and then, it's just that I'm REALLY busy with school. :(