Monday, October 17, 2011

Two Blog Awards!

I recently received two lovely awards from Rebecca at Just Me.

I have three questions to answer.

1) Who is your favorite LOTR character and why? Frodo is my favourite character. I love him best because..well...he's the main character, he's so brave, and...GAH! Don't you just hate it when you just love a character so much but it's so hard to explain why? I also love Frodo's brown, curly hair and BIG BLUE eyes. :P

2) If you were in Middle Earth, what species would you be? Hmmmm...that's a tough one. I'm not sure whether I would be a hobbit or an elf..or perhaps a half-elven girl. :D

3) If you were in Middle Earth where would you be from? Would you be from the Lothlorian Forest? Or maybe the great hall of Rohan? Where would your home be? If I was a hobbit, I would be from the Shire (obviously). Where? Either Hobbiton or the place where the Brandybucks live (not in Brandy Hall, where all the relations are, but in a nice quiet house near the Brandywine River). If I was like my character Alyianna (half-elf, half-human), I would probably roam around Middle Earth, visiting all the beautiful places. Elf? Probably Lothlorien...or perhaps Rivendell.

And now...on to who I will pass these awards on to! I need to pass both of these awards on to at least five LOTR fans, who follow my blog.

Lord of the Rings award is passed on to:
Carrots     Jackie Sparrow     Rachel Paul     That Dude     Milisande
One Great Blog Award is passed on to:
the same as above

Congrats guys! Please keep on being awesome and please pass on these awesome awards to YOUR followers!

 And everyone else - please click on the winners' names and check out THEIR awesome blogs! (I can't find if Jackie has a blog anywhere, that's why there is no link to this follower's name.)   


Jackie Sparrow said...

Hey Alyianna,
Thank you SOOOOO much for the award!! XD I DO have a blog though.... :) Enjoy, it's a bit more POTC than LOTR, but I intend to change that when I get more time to update it!!!!!!!!!!! :)
Jackie :)

Alyianna said...

You're welcome! :D

I thought you had a blog, I just couldn't find it. Thanks for the link! :)