Monday, October 3, 2011

Things of the Day


Another LOTR Cast picture.  From left to right: person in black (I have no idea, who he is), Elijah, Dom, Orlando, Liv, guy in cowboy hat (I believe that's Ian McKellen), Sean holding his daughter, Andy Serkis, and then (is that Viggo? Hard to tell). Click on picture to see it bigger at source (or maybe not...).

The first video LOTR - Behind the Scenes. Enjoy!

What Happened on This Day
 On Earth
1911 - Michael Hordern, who would voice both Gandalf and J.R.R. Tolkien on radio, is born.
1998 - Roddy McDowall, who voiced Samwise Gamgee in the 1980 animated film of The Return of the King, dies.

In Arda
T.A. 3018:
Gandalf arrives at Weathertop and marks a stone. At night he is attacked there by the Black Riders. He manages to escape with four Riders behind him.
Together with Strider the four hobbits travel towards Weathertop. They see flashes from the fight at Weathertop while they leave the Midgewater Marshes.
Boromir travels towards Rivendell to ask for counsel. 

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