Monday, October 3, 2011


I just wanted to remind everyone that the Creative Giveaway ends on October 31st! I have received only three entries so far (two being from my sister), so I would really appreciate some more. There are lots of categories that no one has sent me anything for!

What can you send in? Some examples are below:
  • a LOTR music video with Disney music
  • a LOTR spoof (video or written)
  • colour in the picture shown in "Complete contest details"
  • LOTR fanfiction
  • you singing "May It Be" or Frodo's song at the Prancing Pony
  • a LOTR comic 

Complete contest details


Anonymous said...

I might enter in the LOTR music video with Disney music. But I was wondering what you meant by Disney music. Did u mean a Disney singer like Selena gomez or Demi lovato or a Disney theme song ??
From Rachy

Alyianna said...

Hi Rachel!

First of all, thanks for your follow/joining the blog!

Secondly, I'm glad you're joining the contest! Either of those work! It doesn't even have to be a Disney theme song/singer, it can be anything. I was just giving an example. :D

By the way, here is my email address where you send in your submission:

Can't wait to see your submission!

- Alyianna