Sunday, September 11, 2011

Video of the Day - Made by Me

Please comment! Tell me how you like this video and how you would improve it so that I can make my future videos better. Even if you hate it, please tell me so (there are some things I don't quite like in the movie myself...and yes, one of them is that sped-up part in the middle that looks stupid). I just want to hear from you all! :(

I would love to know that I had brought tears to someone's eyes (though I doubt I could ever make a video that good).

Clips AND music taken from YouTube, so I can't possibly be violating any copyright law as far as I know.


Voronda Elda-Aranel said...

I LOVE it !!! So beautiful. What is the name of this song? WHat sped up part?

Alyianna said...

Thanks. :) The song is You're Not Alone by Meredith Andrews. The part where the Felowship is walking through that mountain past and they are walking veeery fast because I sped it up. :P