Sunday, September 11, 2011


Here is our new month of TYKT. This month's prize is to get to be an author of my blog.

These questions are more geared toward the books - 1 pt for each. Good luck!

1. Who was Goldberry?
2. Which of the Valar did the Elves hold especially in reverence?
3. Name two participants - other than the Company of the Ring - in the Council of Elrond.
4. What was the name of Sam's pony and who was the previous owner.
5. What was Longbottom Leaf?
6. Whose mushrooms did Frodo steal when he was a young Hobbit?
7. Who rescued Gandalf from captivity in Orthanc?
8. Which colour of horse was scarce in Rohan at the time of the War of the Ring and why?
9. Of what substance was Frodo's mailcoat made?
10. What was the name of Gandalf's sword?


Alyianna said...

These are my sister's answers:

1. Tom Bombadil's wife
2. Luthien
3. Elrond and Celeborne
4. Bill, "that mean guy" :P
5. A plant
6. Farmer Maggot's
7. an eagle
8. white, war is bloody and war has dark colours
9. mail
10. ???

Voronda Elda-Aranel said...

1. Tom Bombadil's wife
2. Ulmo
3. Gloin and Elrond or Figwit,(because I anin't sure if Figwit was ther)
4.Bill. belonged to Bill Ferney
5. Something you smoked like tobbaco.
6. Farmer Maggot.
7. A giant eagle
8. White, No idea
9. Mirthil
10. Glamdring

Carrots said...

1. Tom Bombadil's wife, the River God's daughter.
2. Elbereth, Lady of the Stars (I think that's her title.)
3. Glorfindel and Gloin, just for the sake of alliteration. Oh, and Lindir, aka FIGWIT!!!
4. Bill, named after Bill Ferny from whom they bought him.
5. The finest pipeweed in the Southfarthing...aka tobacco.
6. Farmer Maggot's. :)
7. Gwahir the Windlord--King of the Eagles
8. Black, because they had all been taken to Mordor.
9. Mithril.
10. Orcrist...wait. Glamdring? Dang it, I'm getting his and Thorin's mixed up. Glamdring. Final answer.

HShankland said...

1. Tom Bombadil's Wifs
2. Manwe?
3. Gloin and Bilbo
4. Bill, Bill Ferny
5. Plant to be smoked
6. Farmer Maggot's
7. Gwaihir
8. White, not sure why
9. Mithril
10. Glamdring I believe...

Anonymous said...

Tom Bombadil's wife
Gloin and Bilbo
Umm..pipe weed?
Farmer Maggot! (For some reason my friend thinks this part of the book is hysterical)
Uh, and eagle king (?)
Black because the bad guys want them!
Umm..Glamdirng I think..

Anonymous said...

Actually no 2. is Varda. It came to me while reading Artemis Fowl xD