Friday, September 23, 2011

Things of the Day - September 22

I myself prefer the LOTR Pelennor Fields battle. I just love that scene, especially the beginning with King Theoden talking to his soldiers. But the Narnia battle is pretty epic, too. I especially love the part where Edmund destroys the White Witch's wand. 

What Happened On This Day
On Earth
2004 - There and Back Again: An Actor's Tale is published.
In Arda
T.A. 3001:
The day after the Birthday Party, Frodo manages the inheritance of Bilbo's belongings, and keeps keen treasure-seekers out of Bag End.
T.A. 3018:
Four Riders enter the Shire before dawn. The others pursue the Rangers eastward, and then return to watch the Greenway.
A Black Rider comes to Hobbiton at nightfall.
Bag End passes to Lobelia Sackville-Baggins and Frodo leaves for Crickhollow with Sam and Pippin.
After taming Shadowfax, Gandalf leaves Rohan and heads for Rivendell.
Boromir travels towards Rivendell to ask for counsel. 

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