Monday, September 12, 2011

Movie Stuff Mondays - The End of Some Things

At Amon Hem, Boromir, overcome with lust for power, attempts to take the Ring from Frodo, who flees. Meanwhile, the company is attacked by Orcs, led by Lurtz, their captain. Merry and Pippin are captured, Frodo and Sam escape, and Boromir is killed.

At Amon Hen, the Fellowship breaks.
 What the Big Folk Were Saying
"Not him, you idiot! Take the ugly dwarf!" - a young girl as Lurtz shoots arrows at Boromir
"Is that Kirsten Dunst?" - someone trying to see through Lurtz's makeup
"Did he borrow Andre the Ginat's paddle or something?" - someone commenting on Frodo's paddle
"NO! You are NOT DOING this to me!" - a young man as the film fades to black
"Well that was left open for a sequel." - a woman to her husband as the film fades to black

What the Wizards Know
The feathers for Legolas' arrows were made from pheasants and turkeys. Gimli's beard was made from yak hair.

Whil Monaghan and Boyd were filmed throwing stones at the Uruk-hai (as seen in the extended edition), Boyd hit a cameraman and broke his nose.

While shooting the scene where Sam marches into the water (which was actually a freezing cold lake) to catch the departing Frodo, AStin badly cut his foot on...something... (The object was never found, so nobody knows what it was.) He had to be flown to a hospital for stitches. Astin was back on set the next day, and a as a thank-you for his swift return, the film crew presented him with a Maori walking stick.

Just two weeks prior to filming, the chief lighting technician quit because he thought he was too "professional" for this backwoods New Zealand project. Veteran gaffer Brian Bansgrove, who had worked on dozens of Australian films over the years, was considered a risky choice for the job because of his age and health. Yet despite those who said his best days were behind him, he stepped in and proved everyone wrong. At sixty, Bansgrove, whose work appears throughout the trilogy, died just as The Fellowship of the Ring was becoming a hit at the box office.

What the Elvish Eyes and Ears Have Noticed
Those clever filmmakers try to trick us on the river. The editing makes it appear as if Legolas and Lurtz nearly spot each other. However, knowing that each is going south, we can see they both look the wrong way. As Lurtz growls, he looks right, which is west. Legolas then looks over his left shoulder, which is east. This is not a mistake, as Lurtz and Legolas do not actually see each other any more than the Hobbits are stabbed by the Nazgul at the Prancing  Pony. It is some creative editing though!

As a sign that he is accepting his ancestry, Aragorn takes Boromir's gauntlets to wear for the remainder of the films.

The Foolishness of a Took
In the extended edition, Aragorn says he won't lead the Ring to within one hundred leagues of Minas Tirith. That would take Mount Doom off the itenerary.

In the extended edition, when Legolas is shooting arrows with lighting speed at Amon Hem, the fifth Orc he kills begins his dramatic fall before the arrow reaches him.

After Aragorn kills Lurtz, as he runs to the dying Boromir, one of the dead Orcs looks up to see what's going on. 


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I laughed so hard at that comment from that little girl about boromir.

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I liked "NO! You are NOT DOING this to me!" Exactly how I behave when I finish watching one or all of the LOTR movies. Especially the latter.

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I know what you mean I wish it could go on forever!!:)

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There's a way to make that happen. :)

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Maybe watching the movies over and over again? lol As I said, I forgot. :(