Sunday, September 11, 2011

Answer's to this week's TYKT

Point add-up:
my little sister = 4 1/2 pts 
Voronda = 8 pts
HShankland = 8 pts
Sophia = 9 1/2 pts
Carrots = 10 pts 

So Carrots is in first place, Sophia is in second, and Voronda and HShankland are in a tie for third so far. 

Answer Key:
1. The wife of Tom Bombadil.
2. Varda, or "Elbereth"
3. Elrond, Erestor, Glorifindel, Galdor, Bilbo, Gloin, Figwit (movie only)
4. Pony's name: Bill, Pony's last owner's name: Bill Ferny
5. A variety of pipeweed
6. Farmer Maggot's mushrooms
7. Gwahir the Windlord--King of the Eagles
8.   Black because Sauron's servants stole black horses from Rohan for Mordor's purposes
9. mithril
10. Glamdring

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