Monday, August 1, 2011

Videos of the Day - My Favourite Scenes Part 2

Sorry (again) that I've missed several days! Saturday was terribly busy, as my family and I were out all day, and yesterday was pretty busy, too. Sorry that I only have time for two...but I have to make supper for tonight in a few minutes because we're going out and we want supper ready when we come home. I'm making a vegetarian chili with tofu! :P

This scene makes me cry. *sniffles*

Frodo: Sam, I'm going to Mordor alone!
Sam: Of course you are! And I'm coming with you!
Me: *breaks down crying* 

That dead guy's laugh is creepy

Legolas: The dead are following. They have been summoned.
Gimli: The dead?!?...I knew that. Very good. Very good, LEGOLAS!!!
Me: lol
Gimli: *tries to blow spirits away*
Me: rofl

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