Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Test-Your-Knowledge Tuesday

Welcome back to another part of Test-Your-Knowledge Tuesday! This week will work much the same as the last, five (with a bonus one) quotes that are worth one point each, and five multiple choice that are worth two points each. The hard ones are VERY hard this week (at least they were for me). Good luck! Last week's winner was Unah-Mariah. Who will win this week?

Easy - Quotes (1 pt each)
1. He means to murder us!
2. It was my choice.
3. I smell it in the air.
4. Let's go hunt some orc!
5. You can't leave!
6. Remember this day, little brother. (bonus - extended)

Hard - Multiple Choice (2 pts each)
1. How old does Legolas say Fangorn is?
a. Very Old
b. Ancient
c. Ageless

2. When Aragorn arrives at Heml's Deep, what does Gimli say he's going to do?
a. Burst with joy
b. Hug Aragorn
c. Kill Aragorn

3. Where does Treebeard say his home is?
a. In the nothern part of the forest
b. Near the roots of the mountain
c. He doesn't say

4. What does Gandalf say to Shadowfax in the third film when it's time to race to Minas Tirith?
a. "Show us the meaning of haste"
b. "Ride the like wind, Shadowfax."
c. "On, Shadowfax!"

5. After Theoden says, "Rohan will answer," how many times do we hear the Rohan warning bell clang?
a. Four
b. Five
c. Seven


alaw said...

My sister's answers:

1. Sam
2. Frodo
3. Aragorn
4. Gimli
5. Sam
6. Faramir

1. c
2. c
3. a
4. c
5. b

I guess maybe the easy questions weren't so easy...haha!

alaw said...

I think I'm going to try them, too! Of course I'll know all the easy ones, but I might not remember all the hard ones. Don't worry, if I win, the prize will go to the next person since I basically know all the answers!

1. Sam
2. Arwen
3. Galadriel
4. Aragorn
5. Sam
6. Boromir

1. a
2. c
3. b
4. a
5. c

Una Mariah said...

I'm not going to try this time; for the last time, what was the prize and how do I get it?

alaw said...

The prize goes to the person who gets the most points from TYKT in the whole month...and the prize is a bunch of LOTR pics. :D

Voronda Elda-Aranel said...

Im going to try,

5. I don't know
6. Boromir