Monday, August 8, 2011

Test-Your-Knowledge Tuesday

My family and I are going on another all-day trip Tuesday, so I'm posting this Test-Your-Knowledge Tuesday earlier. I hope the easy questions are easy enough (hint: not in order). The hard questions are from The Lord of the Films. This time, the prize at the end of the month is a whole bunch of LOTR pics.

Easy - Who Said It?
1. "He arrives precisely when he means to."
2. "Now come the days of the king!"
3. "Welcome to Rivendell, Frodo Baggins."
4. "My bow to no one."
5. "Do you remember the taste of strawberries?"

Hard - Multiple Choice
1. According to Galadriel, how many years does the Ring lay in the Anduin River?
a. 2500 years
b. 3000 years
c. 3500 years

2. What flavor jam does Bilbo have? (that one was really tough for me, I can tell you!)
a. Apricot
b. Apple
c. Raspberry

3. What is the first thing Arwen says to Frodo?
a. "Frodo"
b. "Lasto beth nin"
c. "Telin le thaed"

4. When the Crebain from Dunland fly over the Fellowship, who puts out the cooking fire?
a. Sam
b. Frodo
c. Merry

5. What is the last spoken word in The Fellowship of the Ring?
a. You
b. Sam
c. Me


Anonymous said... I go!!!!
2.No idea XD. Boromir?
5.Sam (?)

2. What? That's so hard. How about C?
5. (I didn't cheat on this one) b.

Una Mariah said...

1. Gandalf
2. Gandalf
3. Elrond
4. Aragorn
5. Sam


1. a
2. a?
3. a
4. b
5. b

alaw said...

My little sister's responses:

1. Gandalf
2. ?
3. Gandalf
4. Aragorn
5. Sam

1. b
2. a
3. b
4. a
5. a