Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Movie Stuff Mondays - Rivendell

Frodo awakens to find he and his friends are safe. Meanwhile, Aragorn and Arwen discuss their future. A Council is held to decide what to do with the Ring, and Frodo agrees to bear it to Mount Doom.

Spectacular Kaitoke Regional Park served as Rivendell.

What the Big Folk Were Saying
"...Mr. Anderson." - A man finishing Elrond's line when he says to Frodo, "Welcome to Rivendell..."
"Cause I'm outta here." - A woman finishing Elrond's line after he says, "One of you must do this.."

What the Wizards Know
One day while shooting Rivendell, Jackson was so tired he caught a couple hours of sleep in Frodo's bed.

In the 1990s, British television miniseries Sean Bean (Boromir) played a Napoleonic-era army officer known as Richard Sharpe. He subsequently appeared in commercials where he would allude to his earlier role, saying things like, "Sharpe idea." After touching the shards of Narsil in this film, he continues the joke. "Ouch! It's still sharp." 

John Rhys-Davies required four and a half hours of makeup for the part of Gimli.

What the Elvish Eyes and Ears Have Noticed
Elrond's first lines in Elvish are not subtitled. However, audience members with good memories will understand him. He speaks the same words that Arwen spoke to Frodo earlier: "Hear my voice. Come back to the light."

Whenever Aragorn has a romantic scene with Arwen, he strokes her ears. He must have an Elvish ear fetish. (Look out, Legolas!) 

Gimli breaks his axe trying to destroy the Ring. When he offers his services to Frodo, he grabs the axe belonging to the dwarf to his left. (Really? I never noticed that!) Apparently he's not giving it back, as he says, "And my axe." 

The Foolishness of a Took
When Arwen and Aragorn are alone together on a bridge of Rivendell, in the beginning Arwen moves her lips as Aragorn's voice is heard. 

Rhys-Davies is missing the end of his middle finger on his left hand due to a farming accident as a child. The makeup artists made artificial, gelatin fingertips for him to wear in the films. (The original Star Trek did a similar thing with the actor who played Scotty.) This puzzles me. Wouldn't it make sense for a battle hardened dwarf and a chief engineer of a Starship to be missing parts? 

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