Monday, August 29, 2011

Movie Stuff Mondays - The Ring Goes East

I accidently skipped this one, so I'll post this one and another.

The Ring Goes East
While Gandalf is imprisoned by the traitor Saruman, Frodo and his companions journey east, pursued by Sauron's servants. At Amon Sul (Weathertop), the servants wound Frodo, but are forced to retreat. Frodo is quickly taken to Rivendell, where it is hoped he can be healed.

What the Big Folk Were Saying
"Haha, he turned him into a horse!" - A confused man after Gandalf says he's thought of a better use for Sam and the next shot has the wizard leading a horse and saying, "Come along, Samwise. Keep up!"

What the Wizards Know
Sir Christopher Lee, a fan of the books when they were first published, once met Tolkien in an English pub. Lee auditioned for the part of Gandalf, his dream role. But at nearly eighty, he was thought to be too old for a part that required a surprising amount of stamina; Gandalf is constantly riding, fighting, and on the move. Lee's talents were perfect, however, for Saruman.

The heavy Nazgul costumes included so many layers the actors had to wear about fifty meters of fabric.

The screams of the Nazgul were changed shortly before the film was released. Concerned that they weren't scary enough, writer Fran Walsh (Peter Jackson's wife) visited the sound department and had her own screams recorded. These screams can be heard in all three films.

Viggo Mortenson (Strider/Aragorn) himself composed "The Lay of Beren and Luthien," the song that Aragorn sings in the extended edition on the way to Amon Sul. It was the last scene to be deleted from the theatrical cut.

What the Elvish Eyes and Ears Have Noticed
On the quest to Mount Doom, Frodo and Sam always travel left to right. (Hey, that's right!)

Frodo is the oldest of the four Hobbits, and Pippin is the youngest. Meanwhile, Billy Boyd (Pippin) is the oldest of the actors, and Wood is the youngest.

Jackson has a cameo as "Albert Dreary," the druken, carrot chomping man of Bree. Originally Dreary was to have a pipe, but it made Jackson feel ill, so he switched to a carrot.

Foolishness of a Took do the Nazgul find out which room Frodo is supposed to be in? Do they check with the front desk before going on their stabbing spree? (Now I have this image in my head of Witch-king of Angmar politely ringing the bell in the lobby while the rest of the Nazgul look up into the air and try to appear inconspicuous.)

Those Nazgul are quick with their hands at the Ford! After drawing their swords with their left hands, in the second the camera cuts away for a closeup of their horses, they all switch their swords to their right hands.