Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lord of the Fans Screeening

Why, oh, why, oh, WHY does stuff like this ALWAYS have to be in the U.S.? :(

At least I was able to find a trailer and some parts of this! (Yes, you can count this as video of the day for all the days I missed).

I am SO going to make my dad get me this! :D

I love Billy's Scottish accent...but what I want to read about is Frodo, not Bilbo! :P Though I do remember being a little bit disappointed when my dad told me the book was about some guy named Frodo, who was Bilbo's cousin (not about Bilbo) the night before I started reading LOTR.

Personally, I wouldn't ever get a permanent tattoo because it's against Church law, but I would still love to get non-permanent tattoos! Then, whenever one washed off, I could get another one (and that way I can change what I don't want). :D

Would you like me to post more of these? Let me know! 

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