Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ideas For New Things

I have some ideas for new things on for this blog. The things are below, and please vote in the polls on the side (you can select more than one answer).

Movie Stuff: Whenever I have time (or on a special day - I'll have a separate poll to vote about this, too), I will have lots of movie stuff - actors/actresses and about them, behind the scenes, quotes from people in the movie theatres, things to look out for (bloopers and cool things), etc.
Send In Your Creations!: Anyone can send in Middle Earth-related movies they have made, pictures they have drawn/painted (either in hand or on the computer), songs they have sung (from the books or movies or made up), fan fiction they have written, etc. Anything creative, and LOTR (or The Hobbit or The Silmarillion related)!
A chat box: On the sidebar, if I can find one.
My own idea: PLEASE actually post your own idea(s) in the comments!!!
None: Means that you don't like any of these or you don't want anything more for this blog.

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