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The History of Middle Earth

I was writing a letter to my Babcia (my Polish grandma), and I finally did the LOTR summarization I have been promising her for a long time. But it really was a history of Middle Earth - and I thought it was a good idea to share it here. It's not beautiful prose or anything, and could use a lot of work, but it will do for now. :D

Once upon a time, Illuvatar (God) created the Valar (they’re kind of like angles) and Middle Earth. One of the Valar, Melkor/Morgoth, disobeyed Illuvatar and he was sent to a place kind of like Hell. He took over Middle Earth, but was finally cast out. However, Morgoth’s servant, Sauron, decided that he wanted to take over Middle Earth. So he pretended to the friends of the people of Middle Earth. He taught three elves, nine men, and seven dwarves how to make rings of power. But in secret, he made a Ring of his own – one Ring to rule them all. He had helped make the dwarves’ and mens’ rings, so he took over them. The nine men became his servants – the nine Ringwraiths, or Nazgul. Sauron took over Middle Earth.

But some people resisted. An alliance of men and elves formed a union against Sauron, but the power of the Ring was too strong. But when a great man named Elendil died, his son Isildur took up his father’s sword and cut the Ring off Sauron’s hand. Sauron was defeated. Elrond, a great elf, told Isildur to cast the Ring into the fires of Mount Doom – the only place where it could be destroyed. Then all evil would be destroyed and Sauron would be totally vanquished. But Isildur thought the Ring looked beautiful and it also had powers of making you invisible. So he decided to keep it, and Sauron’s spirit lived on.

But the Ring betrayed Isildur to his death, and the Ring sank to the bottom of a river. When a hobbit named Deagol found the Ring thousands of years later, his friend Smeagol murdered him to get the Ring. Smeagol took over the Ring and took to thieving. He was called Gollum because of the sound he made in his throat. His family cast him out, and Gollum/Smeagol went away to the mountains. The Ring took over him. He became obsessed by the Ring, and began talking in third person plural (talking to himself as “we” and “us”). The Ring gave him long life, far beyond his own years. He even forgot his own name.

Many, many years later, a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins went on a quest with thirteen dwarves and a wizard named Gandalf to regain some gold from a dragon named Smaug. Smaug had stolen the dwarves’ gold. On the way, Bilbo found the Ring and had a little encounter with Gollum, who wanted “his precioussss” back. Bilbo found of the Ring’s power to make you invisible and decided to keep it, just like Isildur and Smeagol did, so long ago.

A wizard friend of Gandalf’s, Saruman, knew that the Ring had not been destroyed. But the told the other wizards that it must have been destroyed because he wanted the Ring for himself. Meanwhile, Bilbo adopted his younger cousin Frodo, who had the same birthday as him. On Bilbo’s 111th birthday (eleventy-one), he used the Ring to disappear and frighten all his guests. He decided to go on a long holiday; “in fact, I don’t think I shall return.” Gandalf persuaded Bilbo to give the Ring to Frodo because he could tell that the Ring was starting to have a hold on Frodo. Then Gandalf told Frodo about the Ring – that it really was Sauron’s Ring, and that Sauron wanted it back. The fate of Middle Earth was in Frodo’s very house.

Frodo agreed to take the Ring to Rivendell, where elves lived. His faithful gardener Sam and his young cousins Meriadoc (Merry) Brandybuck and Peregrin (Pippin) Took came along. On the way to Rivendell, they were chased by Ringwraiths, who wanted to take the Ring for Sauron. The four hobbits met a ranger named Aragorn, who told them he would help them through the wilderness to Rivendell. But on Weathertop, four Ringwraiths caught up with them and stabbed Frodo. Aragorn rushed Frodo to Rivendell – his wound was slowly taking him into the wraith world. Elrond healed Frodo, and Gandalf told Frodo of how he went to talk with Saruman. Saruman imprisoned him and tried to get Gandalf to tell where the Ring was. An eagle helped Gandalf escape.

Then a council was held to decide what to do with the Ring. Frodo volunteered to take the Ring to Mordor – the only place where the Ring could be destroyed. Eight other people decided to come along with him to help him on his quest – Gandalf, Sam, Merry, Pippin, Aragorn, another man named Boromir, a dwarf named Gimli, and an elf named  Legolas. The newly made Fellowship travelled through the mines of Moria that once belonged to dwarves. But the orcs had taken over, and Gandalf sacrificed his own life in order to save the Fellowship from a fiery Balrog. In Lothlorien, the beautiful and wise elven Galadriel gave the Fellowship gifts. At Amon Hem, Boromir tried to take the Ring from Frodo, and Frodo ran away. Uruk-hai, new and better orcs made by Saruman, attacked the Fellowship. Boromir was killed, and Pippin and Merry were taken (the uruk-hai thought that they were Frodo and Sam, and that they were taking the Ring with them). Sam went with Frodo, and Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli went after Pippin and Merry, knowing that the fate of the Ring was out of their hands.

Pippin and Merry escaped the orcs and met some ents, talking trees. The trees stormed Isengard, the home of Saruman. Saruman escaped, but he no longer really had any power. Gandalf came back from the dead as Gandalf the White. The six members of the Fellowship all went their various ways until Gandalf and Pippin were at Minas Tirith in Gondor, which was being attacked, Merry was the Rohhirim, on their way to the aid of Gondor, and Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli were taking the Paths of the Dead, summoning old oath-breakers to come fulfill their oath and help Gondor.

Meanwhile, Frodo and Sam met up with Gollum. Gollum agreed to be their guide to Mordor. At first, it seemed that Gollum was becoming good again, but then Gollum went back to his old ways. To get the Ring, he decided to lead the two hobbits to Shelob, a giant spider. Shelob would get a meal, and Gollum would get his Precious back. Unfortunately for him, Sam killed Shelob and save Frodo from a tower in Mordor. The hobbits went on to Mount Doom, but the Ring was starting to take more and more hold on Frodo. Every step closer to Mount Doom he took, the heavier the Ring became.

With the help of the oathbreakers, Minas Tirith was saved. Then a lot of people went to the gates of Mordor to distract Sauron from Frodo. A battle broke out. At Mount Doom, Frodo’s strength had finally gone out. Sam knew he couldn’t carry the Ring for “Mr. Frodo,” but he could carry Frodo, and he did! As Sam was carrying Frodo, Gollum appeared and jumped on both of them. They all toppled the ground and Sam gave Frodo a head a start up the mountain while he fought with Gollum. Frodo found some strength left in him and stumbled up the rest of the way. Gollum promised to be good and go away, so Sam went up the mountain to get to Frodo. Secretly, Gollum followed behind.  At the cracks of Mount Doom, Sam found Frodo still holding the Ring. “Throw it!” Sam yelled.

But the Ring had taken over Frodo. “No,” he said slowly. “It’s mine.” Frodo put the Ring on his finger. At that moment, Sauron could see him and he sent winged beasts to Mount Doom to stop Frodo. However, Gollum showed up. Somehow, even though Frodo was invisible, he leapt on Frodo, struggled for the Ring, and at last bit of Frodo’s finger to get it. Frodo became visible, holding his hand and groaning in pain. Gollum did a dance of victory and stepped a little too far…and fell into Mount Doom.

The Ring was destroyed. Gandalf came on an eagle and saved Frodo and Sam from the lava coming out of Mount Doom, a volcano. Aragorn was revealed as the true King of Gondor, and he married his sweetheart, Arwen, an elf. Legolas and Gimli were forever friends. Gandalf’s time as a wizard of Middle Earth was over, but he didn’t care. He had done his part. Pippin, Merry, and Sam went home in triumph, as heroes. I would like to say that Frodo lived happily ever after, too. But he didn’t. The after-effects of the Ring were still on him, and his old wound still pained him. But Arwen, no longer an immortal elf, gave Frodo her place on the boat that the immortal elves took to leave Middle Earth, to a place sort of like Heaven. Frodo left Middle Earth to a place of bliss. And later on, Sam probably did follow his Master.

*sighs with happiness* I just love LOTR so much!


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